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For each job we follow a specific working procedure to ensure safe and successful flying. This includes;

-Risk assessments

-Weather monitoring

-Pre-site surveys (ensuring we are in safe, controllable airspace)

-On-site surveys (at times this may include a recce of the location prior to the shooting day)

-Drone maintainence and condition logbooks

-Flight logbooks

-Landowner permission consent forms

-Pre and post flight checklists

-Call sheet (including shot list)







Dont worry! This is all for us to do, all we will need from you will be one signature for the landowner permission. 


After we're done shooting, the editing process begins and all end products will be delivered as soon as possible. 



The steps we take to ensure safe flights are all noted in our operations manual, an extensive document we completed, which was required by the CAA and EuroUSC. We take great care in making sure any risk factors are investigated and evaluated before any flight takes place, and where a flight is deemed unsafe it is cancelled. Should flight conditions become unsuitable whilst we are airborne our equipment is fitted with failsafe technology allowing us to initiate an auto-pilot feature and the drone will return to home and land itself.

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