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A Unique property- Property Video tour and photography, Cornwall

Video tours, virtual viewings, virtual video tours, property videos...whatever you choose to call them, have had a huge place in property marketing for a long time now. We at Kite Vision have been shooting them for over 5 years. But right now we are seeing a huge rise in these videos which potentially stems from Covid-19 and the restrictions of people unable to do physical house viewings.

For Kite Vision's property videos, we make houses look their very best, something we take time and pride in. The videos give your house a HUGE marketing push when uploaded on your website, Youtube, across all social media and not forgetting it can be embedded straight into the Rightmove and Zoopla listings. They are engaging and work as the first viewing for potential buyers. We have even had a handful of properties that had offers and were even sold just from seeing the video alone. Our record was a house selling 1 hour after the video going live.

We provide High-quality property video tours for Estate Agents and New Homes Developers that enhance your brand and marketing sales.

  • 4k advanced Aerial video filming+ Photography

  • Interior video with stabilising smooth gliding camera control.

  • Full property Photography

  • High-quality engaging editing + music

  • 48 hour editing turnarounds

We are based on the edge of Cornwall and Devon and shoot property videos up and down the county's, and further on request.

Photos + Video copyright of Kite Vision -


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