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Whether it’s a hidden boutique getaway or 5-star luxury, every hotel tells a story and it’s our job to get that story on film. Our drone will show your breathtaking location in all its glory and our small team can capture the inner workings of what makes your hotel great, all with minimal disruption to everyday business.

We create engaging promotional videos and photography for Hotels, B&B's and Guests houses in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the rest of UK. Our stabilised camera rigs are perfect for tracking shots or keeping slow-motion footage silky smooth and with high-quality radio microphones, we can also capture crystal clear audio for any audio or interviews that are shot.

Have a look below at some of our hotel promotional videos + photos



Provide us the essence of what makes your hotel special and we’ll work with you to craft an engaging and unique story to work in line with your existing branding.


3-axis motorised stabilisation camera or weighted gimbal operation keeps our footage shake free and silky smooth.

Aerial filming

High Quality 4K Video and 16mp Photographs. Operated by two people  giving more dynamic and creative filming.


The final piece of the puzzle, tying everything together to deliver highly polished, personal content ready for your business.

Horn Of Plenty, July 2020-95.jpg
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