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What is  your flying range?

We can fly up to 122 Metres (400ft) vertically and within a radius of 500 Metres (1640ft) from the pilot. 


How long can you fly for?

Each battery allows us between 15-20 minutes flying time, and we own multiple batteries. 


Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance up to £5 million.


where do you operate?

We are located on the Devon and Cornwall boarder and able and willing to travel anywhere in the Uk... or the world! 


How far in advance should I book?

As flights are weather dependent the earlier you book the sooner we can fly.


What weather conditions do Kite Vision fly in?

We are unable to fly in precipitation and winds higher than 25 Mph.


Can Kite Vision fly over water?

Simple answer, yes! 

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