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For us the Inspire 1 pro is the perfect blend of manoeuvrability and professional camera control.


Shooting perfectly smooth pin-sharp 4K footage with 13 stops of dynamic range, as well as 16 megapixel DNG RAW stills this machine can truly deliver professional quality images. With wireless focus, aperture, Iso and shutter control combined with interchangeable lenses this is one versatile aerial video platform.


With a dual operator system one member of the team can fly the drone whilst another member controls the camera and gimbal, allowing for some truly dynamic shots. Small enough to fly where some can't but powerful enough to tackle some pretty high winds the Inspire 1 Pro is our go to machine. 




The Ronin-M uses whisper quiet motors to stabilise the movement of our cameras in 3-axis (pan, roll and tilt).


With this rig we're able to capture perfectly smooth controlled camera movements in some of the tightest spaces. 

The small form factor and super quick setup time makes the Ronin hugely flexible for us on shoots. We can recreate jib and dolly shots without setting up any extra equipment and tracking subjects is a breeze. 

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